Healthy Harlem 2016

HARLEM, New York, May 21, 2016 – The Rotary Club of Harlem, Sojourner Truth School, Harlem Children’s Zone and more team up to provide an unprecedented day of interactive health workshops for students and parents in the Harlem community. Healthy Harlemwas the first of its kind and a huge success as dozens of students; grades K-8 and their parents gathered at Sojourner Truth School to learn the fundamentals of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All attendees were treated to breakfast, lunch, giveaways; and a series of informative, educational and fun-filled sessions to help transform the way we think about health and wellness.

Active Plus, a Harlem-based 501(c) 3 non-profit specializing in working with students in the community, through sports & recreation, provided a unique set of fitness activities for the children to stimulate their minds and bodies. The children were taught the need for staying active and learned quick, exciting exercises that make fitness fun. After morning fitness the children attended the next session, to engage in an interactive workshop on nutrition and healthy eating. Each child was able to assist in the preparation of a tasty salad containing fruits, nuts, and vegetables. They were excited to learn how to identify healthy meal options and the effects of those foods on the body.

While the children were learning about nutrition, their parents were able to be enlightened on the ever changing world of substance abuse and its causes. S.A.F.E in Harlem, a non-profit organization leading the charge for a drug free Harlem, led an authentic discussion about how students can protect themselves from the potentially dangerous influences of social and peer pressure. Parents were equipped with the tools to identify warning signs of substance abuse in their households and resources to get the help they may need. Harlem Hospital Family Planning Clinic and The Half Full Institute provided vital information on hygiene, stress management, and reproductive health. The 1st Annual “Healthy Harlem”, coordinated by The Rotary Club of Harlem, a community service organization was a huge hit among all the attendees. The Rotary Club also gave away hundreds of brand new Scholastic reading books for families to take home. The day was capped off and made even more special by a raffle prize awarded to one lucky student and his family., an online feedback platform donated two tickets to Aladdin” on Broadway.

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